Hair particle system settings.

Set the amount of hair strands. Use as little particles as possible, especially if you plan to use softbody animation later. But you need enough particles to have good control. For a “normal” haircut I found some thousand (very roughly 2000) particles to give enough control. You may need a lot more particles if you plan to cover a body with fur. Volume will be produced later with Children.
Hair Length
Controls how long the hair are.
Emit From
Emits hair particles from the vertices of a mesh. When using this the distribution settings (see below) are not available.
Emits hair particles from the surface of a mesh’s faces.
Emits hair particles from the volume of an enclosed mesh.
Hair particles are emitted in a random order.
Even Distribution
Hair particle distribution is made even based on surface area of the elements, i.e. small elements emit less particles than large elements, so that the particle density is even.

Particles are placed at jittered intervals on the emitter elements.

Number of emissions per face (0 = automatic).
Jittering Amount
Amount of jitter applied to the sampling.
Particles are emitted from random locations in the emitter’s elements.
Use Modifier Stack

Take any Modifiers above the Particle Modifier in the modifier stack into account when emitting particles.


Note that particles may differ in the final render if these modifiers generate different geometry between the viewport and render.