Channels Region


The Channels Region.

The channels region is used to select and manage the curves for the Graph editor. This part shows the objects and their animation data hierarchy each as headers. Each level can be expended/collapsed by the small arrow to the left of its header.

  • Scenes, Objects (dark blue)
  • Actions, Shape keys, etc. (light blue)
  • Groups (green)
  • Channels (gray)


On the headers, there are toggles to control channel’s setting:

Pin (pin icon)
ToDo (Graph editor only).
Hide (eye icon)
Hides the channel(s)/curve (Graph editor only).
Modifiers (wrench icon)
Deactivates the F-Modifiers of the curve or all curves in the channel.
Mute (speaker icon)
Deactivates the channel/curve.
Lock (padlock icon)

Toggle channel/curve from being editable.


In the Dope Sheet this is also working inside the NLA, but that it does not prevent edition of the underlying F-Curve).


  • Select channel (text in white/black): LMB
  • Multi Select/Deselect: Shift-LMB
  • Toggle Select All: A
  • Border Select: (LMB drag) or B (LMB drag)
  • Border Deselect: (Shift-LMB drag) or B (Shift-LMB drag)
  • Select all keyframes in the channel: double LMB on a channel header.


  • Rename: Ctrl-LMB
  • Delete selected: X or Delete
  • Lock selected: Tab
  • Make only selected visible: V
  • Enable Mute Lock selected: Shift-Ctrl-W
  • Disable Mute Lock selected: Alt-W
  • Toggle Mute Lock selected: Shift-W



The Action editor showing sliders.

On channels headers you can have another column with number buttons or sliders, allowing you to change the value on the current keyframes, or to add new keyframes. See View Menu for how to show these sliders.