The Graph editor is the main animation editor. It allows you to modify the animation for any properties using F-Curves.

The graph editor has two modes, F-Curve for Actions, and Drivers for Drivers. Both are very similar in function.


The Graph Editor.

Curve View

Here you can see and edit the curves and keyframes.


A curve with different types of interpolation.

See F-Curves for more info.

2D Cursor


Graph Editor 2D Cursor.

The current frame is represented by a green vertical line called the Time Cursor.

As in the Timeline, you can change the current frame by pressing or holding LMB.

The green horizontal line is called the Cursor. This can be disabled via the View Menu or the View Properties panel.

The Time Cursor and the Cursor make the 2D Cursor. The 2D Cursor is mostly used for editing tools.

View Axes

For Actions the X-axis represents time, the Y-axis represents the value to set the property.

For Drivers the X-axis represents the Driver Value, the Y-axis represents the value to set the property.

Depending on the selected curves, the values have different meaning: For example rotation properties are shown in degrees, location properties are shown in Blender Units. Note that Drivers use radians for rotation properties.


Like with most animation editors, markers are shown at the bottom of the editor.


Graph Editor Markers.

Markers can be modified in the Graph Editor though it’s usually best to use the Timeline.

See Markers for more info.

Properties Region

The panels in the Properties Region.

View Tab

View Properties Panel


View Properties Panel.

Show Cursor
Show the vertical Cursor.
Cursor from Selection
Set the 2D cursor to the center of the selected keyframes.
Cursor X

Time Cursor X position.

To Keys
Snap selected keyframes to the Time Cursor.
Cursor Y

Vertical Cursor Y position.

To Keys
Snap selected keyframes to the Cursor.

Further Tabs

F-Curve Tab
See F-Curve.
Drivers Tab
See Drivers Panel.
Modifiers Tab
See F-Modifiers.