Hemi Lamp


Hemi light conceptual scheme.

The Hemi lamp provides light from the direction of a 180- hemisphere,

designed to simulate the light coming from a heavily clouded or otherwise uniform sky. In other words, it is a light which is shed, uniformly, by a glowing dome surrounding the scene.

Similar to the Sun lamp, the Hemi ‘s location is unimportant, while its orientation is key.

The Hemi lamp is represented with four arcs, visualizing the orientation of the hemispherical dome, and a dashed line representing the direction in which the maximum energy is radiated, the inside of the hemisphere.



Hemi lamp’s panel.

Energy and Color
These settings are common to most types of lamps, and are described in Light Properties.
Layer, Negative, Specular, and Diffuse
These settings control what the lamp affects, as described in What Light Affects.

The Hemi lamp has no light falloff settings: it always uses a constant attenuation (i.e. no attenuation).

Since this lamp is the only lamp which cannot cast any shadow, the Shadow panel is absent.